Self Declaration Forms

As part of the ongoing review of our PVG Scheme processes we now have new Self-Declaration Form templates, replacing the existing forms contained within the horsescotland Child Protection Policy and Guidelines (which is currently being updated in its entirety and will be available in due course).

Whilst it is not a legal requirement for an individual to be a PVG Scheme member in order to work with children or vulnerable adults it is a legal requirement for an employer not to employ anyone who is barred from the scheme. The way employers check this is through the employee becoming a member of the PVG Scheme.

Due to new legislative changes and potential employers not having access to this information as part of the recruitment process, an individual is required to complete a Self-Declaration Form. This applies to both voluntary and paid roles of ‘regulated work’.

NB Employers: The Self-Declaration Form should be retained by you as the employer.  The applicant should return the Self-Declaration Form in a sealed envelope, which you can mark in order to identify which Self-Declaration Form is who’s and then should remain sealed until all other checks come back as satisfactory.  The Self-Declaration Form should therefore be the last thing you check before confirming offer of employment (paid or voluntary).