PVG Process

horsescotland are undergoing a full review of the PVG Scheme processes and updates will be available here.

Fiona Rawson is our Lead Signatory/ Collator.

The process for individuals who are applying for the PVG Scheme that are either volunteers or involved in paid regulated work with children aged Under 18 or protected adults within not for profit organisations is:

  1. To request a PVG Scheme Application form contact the horsescotland office at pvg@horsescotland.org (preferable option), or 01563 549802 (secondary option, as this number is not checked on a daily basis)
  2. horsescotland will then send you the appropriate forms
  3. Once you receive your form use our guidelines to complete it
  4. Once your form is complete and your ID has been checked by your identified ID Checker you send this to Fiona Rawson (details are included in the guidelines)
  5. Fiona will complete a final check of your form and contact you with any anomalies.  Once the form is finalised Fiona will process it and send it to Volunteer Scotland
  6. Volunteer Scotland then do their necessary checks and will  add you to the scheme and send your certificate to you.  If any anomalies are discovered at this stage these will be reported back to Fiona who will then contact you directly

Please note: To ensure that you are added to the PVG Scheme as quickly as possibly please complete the forms as fully and accurately as you can, any incomplete forms or anomalies on forms delay the process.

In order to help you work out who to contact regarding your PVG we have created flow charts in conjunction with BHS Scotland to help advise you: