Why should I be concerned about having concussion?

The main thing is to admit to yourself that you have a problem and not to try to do too much too soon.  Remember that symptoms of concussion include balance problems, clumsiness, delayed reaction times and visual disturbances.  None of these are things you want to have whilst riding.  If you do try to ride out while you have persistent symptoms you are putting yourself at risk of further injury.  There is also a very rare thing called second impact syndrome, where a second (often very minor) concussion before the first one has properly resolved can have a catastrophic, even fatal outcome.

Remember that concussion does indicate a brain injury.  Repeated concussions are thought to lead to the old idea of the ‘punch drunk’ boxer.  Muhammed Ali, who died recently, suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and this was thought to be due to repeated head injuries – although if riding is leading to that many head injuries for you it may be time to consider a different hobby!