horsescotland have been working closely with Dr Andy Malyon who has provided us with this information and support on Concussion in order to help educate the equestrisan sector on concussion and how to deal with concussion.

What is concussion?

Concussion is a brain injury.  That might sound quite dramatic, but that is what it is & why it is being talked about in sporting circles.  For most people who are concussed, it is a self limiting problem which will resolve with a short period of rest.  The most important thing is to identify the fact someone is concussed and look after them properly.

This section of the website outlines what concussion is, how to recognise it, how to manage it and some of the complications that can be associated with it.  The intention is that we raise the awareness of concussion amongst everyone involved with horse sports in Scotland.  Some of the features described may seem quite dramatic, but as with so many things if we get the basics right & look after someone with concussion properly it should never become a problem in the ways described.

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Points to note

  • If in doubt, sit them out.  - Be suspicious, & if you think someone is concussed sit them  out.
  • Rest the body, rest the brain. - If someone is concussed, a full period of rest for body and brain until all symptoms have gone, then a Graduated Return to Play