Carriagedriving Volunteer Roles

Running Driving Trials’ relies heavily on volunteers, many of whom when they first British Carriagedrivingcame into the sport had no prior knowledge or experience but were helping family and friends that were already involved.

There are many different ways to volunteer to help Cariagedriving, some of the roles available are:

  • Dressage stewards and writers
  • Marathon timekeepers
  • Obstacle stewards
  • Course marshals
  • Score collectors
  • Cones, arena and collecting ring stewards


The many affiliated clubs around the country are always looking for helpers and offer a gentle introduction under the guidance of a more knowledgeable steward. There is nothing like experience and involvement and this level is an ideal grounding, with many clubs organising their own stewards' training sessions.In addition, British Carriagedriving supports regional training days.

More information about volunteering within Carriagedriving is available at the British Carriagedriving website