Off Horse Training

As well as all the work that goes into training the horse/ rider there are also off horse training sessions offered.

The most recent sessions were regarding the riders nutrition.

Nutrition is not only a consideration for show days. It is about developing healthy eating habits for every day of your life. The very business of caring for a horse is tough physical work from mucking stalls to pushing wheelbarrows, lugging sacks of grain, stacking hay bales and slogging water buckets.

As riders are so busy running after their horses their own needs can get neglected, meaning they may skip meals, eat whatever is at hand or gulp food on the run. They may even they rely on adrenaline and caffeine to get them through a day that demands peak performance. Figuring out a better way to fuel their performance will not only make show days run more smoothly, it will help them cope with all the day-to-day chores of horsekeeping.

Joel Enoch is a sport scientist and Coach who specialises in deconstructing sports nutrition and endurance training and he has run specialised sessions for the Performance Squad showing them how they an improve their own nutrition in ways that can be incorporated into their daily routines.

There are also plans to run Nutrition sessions focussing on Equine nutrition.