Kay Hastilow Launches Saddle Fitting Series

 Kay Hastilow Launches Saddle Fitting Series

Kay Hastilow Master Saddler is delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural online saddle fitting series ‘Essential Saddle Fitting’.

Inspired by a desire to impart a wealth of experience, world renowned Master Saddler Kay has created the educational video series in order to help and support prospective and current saddle fitters and other equestrian professionals in the industry.

Kay Hastilow said “When I retired from regular saddle fitting in 2015, I wanted to find a way of sharing the knowledge that I had acquired over my 50 years of experience. My brother suggested that I made a film on the subject, the result being a series of eight films that cover everything from what you will need to learn to become a saddle fitter, through all stages of fitting up to dealing with those ‘difficult to fit’ horses. I hope that these films will help those wishing to train in this field, whilst also providing useful information for equestrian professionals and our horse owners.”

Laurence Pearman, Qualified Saddle Fitter / Master Saddler and previous President of the Society of Master Saddlers said, “This is an excellent series of videos, made by an expert in her field of saddlery, which will be invaluable to all, both in the U.K. and overseas. This is essential viewing for anyone wishing to start a career in saddle fitting and also a very good back up for those already experienced in the art as a gentle reminder of the correct way.”

The series offers a complete toolkit for those wanting to train and qualify as saddle fitters, or those considering it as a career. The films are also suitable for saddle fitters who would like a point of reference and other equine professionals such as veterinarians, physiotherapists, trainers and coaches and are available to watch on https://vimeo.com/ondemand/fittingsaddles.

To find out more visit www.khsaddlery.uk or visit the facebook page at facebook.com/KayHastilowSaddler/.