Matilda Haley March Blog

Matilda Haley March Blog

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After a winter of training, Gari and I attended the British Dressage Winter Regional Championships at Morris EC. We competed in the medium and medium freestyle together. We came fourth in the medium and third in the freestyle on fair scores, but not quite enough to make it to Hartpury for the National Winter Championships. However, Gari still tried hard for me as he always does.

We now hope to spend some more time at home further improving our performance before starting to compete at advanced medium level together.

As I am still 15, this is obviously my first time going through the levels with a horse and Gari is learning with me. His flying changes are really coming on, with them being more relaxed, on time and clean.

Our sessions through winter are starting to pay off and becoming more consistent, and together, we are really starting to ‘click’ with the more advanced movements.

Gari is now enjoying a few days off while I try to catch up with the work for my final exams, which seem to be coming way too fast! Still, I can’t wait to get back in the saddle to continue our journey to advanced medium together.