New Equality Advisory Focus Group

New Equality Advisory Focus Group

horsescotland has been asked to form a new working group, the Equality Advisory Focus Group will come together to share knowledge across our diverse industry. We would very much like to reach out to you to ask for your help in identifying an individual who may like to sit on this newly forming group, with quarterly meetings as part of a streamlined focus on bringing inclusion and equality to the fore. horsescotland and others forming such a group puts us in line with other Governing Bodies and also forms part of our sportscotland target.
We are now asking those North of the border to bring together those that champion equality from the identified member bodies and other relevant organisations who are already thriving on diversity, and those who wish to look to improve future networks of participation, access and inclusion. With the visionary targets:

  • Ensure we have equality and inclusion promoted across our wide industry.
  • Through meeting partner organisations, stakeholders, leading persons in equality with the relevant experience.
  • Continually work to take action to identify gaps and improve participation from all under represented groups.
  • Promote inclusive welcoming image of all equine activities (ridden and non ridden) to help physical and mental health of all participants.
  • Raising awareness and reach with news releases, social media stories or events that can be published on the horsescotlands and Sport Scotland website.
  • Working together with partner organisations  - sharing and signposting information.

Equestrian Equality Advisory Focus Group

Confirmed members:

  • Gillian Elliott (horsescotland)
  • Helene Mauchlen (British Horse Society)
  • Clare Molyneux  (British Dressage)
  • Pam Drew (TRSS)
  • Josh Hepple (Carriage Driving/ RDA)

We are now especially keen to speak with anyone in or with a background of equality themed groups, either wishing to be directly involved in becoming a founder member or offering contribution of material. We are super keen to have contact with as many groups who are under-represented across society to help make all equestrian activity as diverse and inclusive for the future.

If anyone from your group, association or organisation would like to be involved, please contact Gillian Elliott, horsescotland Equality Director, horsescotland Chair Patrick Print or Education and Development Officer Fiona Rawson