Lucinda Stewart November Blog

Lucinda Stewart November Blog

Hi everyone,

Lovely surprise to find out at the end of October I had 3 horses in the top 15 of the silver league, just shows how amazing my horses have been jumping recently well infact all season. We had a chilled weekend off from jumping, we took the horses round the estate for a lovely hack. The horses love it as it allows them to relax and gives them a good stretch of their legs. I find it really refreshes them so when they come back to the Showjumping ring they are much more focused and refreshed especially towards the end of the season.

A weekend of Showjumping at Muirmill and the horses jumped some great rounds. Glow won the 1.15m members cup qualifier on Saturday, Cleo just had an unlucky fence down in the 1.30m and Cancun was 2nd in the 1.30m. On Sunday, Con had an unlucky fence down in the jump off of the 1.15m so he finished in 4th place and Cancun was 3rd in the 1.30m.

We had a visit from my lovely sponsor Kathryn Prentice to give the horses a good physio session before the BS trophy show and Aintree. Thankfully all horses are in tip top condition, it is great to have them checked regularly making sure nothing is affecting their performance. I’m very grateful to Kathryn making sure my horses are feeling their best to perform at their best.

I had a great couple of days at HorseScotland Training, day 1 I took Con and Cancun working on pole work and grid work. I had my fitness test with Lauren which I passed! Day 2 I took Con, Glow and Cancun working on courses, technical lines, distances and straightness. I had my physio with Robyn which she released trigger points and strapped up my shoulder due to me pulling a muscle in it.

I have lots of hard work to do before the next training but that was out last training for this year unfortunately. A massive thank you to the whole team for all their help and support throughout the year, it has been amazing to work with you all. Really looking forward to working with you all again next year.

We had an unlucky show at the BS trophy show, Con had a great time but 4 faults in the Amateur Championship finishing 13th place, Cleo had 4 faults in the 1.20m Championship and Cancun had 4 faults in the Young Riders Championship but the horses all jumped brilliant rounds.

National Amateur Championships time…we headed off for Aintree on the Monday morning ready for a week of jumping at one of our favourite venues with Glow and Cancun. We had an amazing week with Cancun winning the 1.15m Championship and 2nd in the 1.10m Championship by 100th of a second. Glow finished 9th in th e1.10m Championship due to an unlucky fence down in the jump off. Both horses jumped super all week, having 2 wins, 2nd, 3rd and lots of lower placings too. it is just so competitive down there so its all or nothing to be in the line ups, but my boys didn’t let me down and super proud of how they jumped all week.

We bought a new Mounty Massage Pad down at Aintree and it has really benefited my horses, I see a huge improvement in them and it clearly is making them feel good because they were jumping brilliant.

There was a lovely write up from Jumping Around and Horse & Hound about our results at Aintree.

We had a great end to the month at SNEC, Con had 4 faults in the accumulator and jumped a great double clear for 5th in the 1.10m. Glow jumped a brilliant double clear in the 1.20m for 3rd place and Cancun jumped great in the 1.30m Grand Prix for 4th place due to an unlucky fence down in the jump off.

Coming up we have the SWS Area Fun Night with is always a good night and preparations will start for New Year Show which is at the end of December.

Lucy x

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