Latest BREXIT information

Latest BREXIT information

Guidance for equine movements after the UK leaves the EU in the event of a no deal, is now live on GOV.UK 

The following guidance on testing requirements has been updated since our last communication and is the latest advice published on;

Tests for equines before export

You’ll need to get your equines tested and found free of certain diseases.

If the UK is in category A or B, you’ll need tests for:

  • equine infectious anaemia within 30 days before travel for permanent exports
  • equine infectious anaemia within 90 days before travel for temporary moves (moves of under 90 days for equines registered on a recognised studbook, pedigree register or with an international body for sporting and competition purposes)
  • equine viral arteritis within 21 days of travel for uncastrated male equines older than 180 days, unless they meet vaccination requirements

If the UK is put in category B, you’ll also need blood tests for:

  • glanders within 30 days before travel
  • dourine within 30 days before travel for an uncastrated male or a female if they are older than 270 days

If the UK is put in any other category, it’s unlikely that other blood tests will be needed.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above please contact:

Further information can be found on the BEF website Brexit page