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  • Lasse Kristensen Lunging Demo

    Lasse Kristensen Lunging Demo

    Internationally renowned vaulting lunger, WEG Champion and horse trainer, demonstrating lunging development for horses of all levels and disciplines. Including a display by the horsescotland Team of t.... View details »

  • The Truth Behind Working Pupils

    The Truth Behind Working Pupils

                                  Only 6% of working pupils are legally employed. A recent survey has uncovered that a staggering 94% of ‘working pupils’ are illegally employed, leaving both parties ext.... View details »

  • Latest BREXIT information

    Latest BREXIT information

    Guidance for equine movements after the UK leaves the EU in the event of a no deal, is now live on GOV.UK  The following guidance on .... View details »

  • sportscotland Board Appointments

    sportscotland Board Appointments

    Do you believe in the power of sport to change lives? sportscotland are looking for applicants from a variety of backgrounds to apply for a position on the sportscotland Board. They want to hear from .... View details »

  • Sports Driving Unlimited Member features on BBC Documentary

    Sports Driving Unlimited Member features on BBC Documentary

    The BBC recently showed a fascinating documentary (click here) about a condition known as Cerebral Visual Impairment which featured a young man called Finlay. He describes the benefits he has experien.... View details »