Lucinda Stewart July Blog

Lucinda Stewart July Blog

Hi everyone,

I was selected for the Scottish SWS Area Team with Cancun and the qualifier for Stoneleigh was held at Muirmill. Cancun jumped a brilliant double clear in the 1.15m section of the SWS ‘Wild Ones’ team and I had to jump off for 2nd place which Cancun jumped a fast clear to achieve but unfortunately our team never qualified because only 1 team from the same area can qualify. Glow was on top form that day as well as he won the 1.10m, he is really getting into the swing of things again after being off for so long with his injury.

We went back to Muirmill on the Sunday and had another brilliant day. Con was 1st and Glow was 2nd in the 1.10m, Cleo jumped brilliant having the fastest time in the foxhunter but a fence in the jump off.

I took Cancun and Con to the Amateur Show at Muirmill before I went on holiday and they jumped great Cancun winning the 1.10m amateur qualifier and Con just had 4 faults.

The horses had a couple of weekends off, we have been at the beach, hacking and they enjoyed some field time chilling out as we have been very busy with shows in the last few months. We are doing a lot of work at home just now, renewing our arena making it much bigger and putting down a new surface, we are putting in some new stables and a new horse walker too…lots of exciting things!!

I got home from holiday and I got kicked into shape at SBF Bootcamp which I love and have so much fun with the SBF Team. The horses had bootcamp of their own to get ready for the Scottish Extravaganza Show where they all jumped brilliant and I loved being back in the ring after my holiday. Glow was 6th and Cancun 9th out of 70 in the 1.15m Speed class, Cleo jumped a brilliant clear in the Newcomer 2nd round just having 8 faults in the jump off. On the Saturday, the wind and heavy rain made it extremely challenging at points but my horses still gave their all jumping brilliant. I jumped my sisters horse, Junior, he just had 4 faults in both the discovery and 1.05m GP but jumped some good rounds. Glow was double clear and 2nd in the 1.10m, Cancun was 3rd and Cleo was 5th in the 1.25m Speed class. On the Sunday, Cancun jumped an amazing round in the Foxhunter 2nd round having an unlucky 4 faults and Glow jumped his first 1.20 in over 3 years jumping a brilliant clear getting 6th place.

We got some great news that Cancun has won the silver league qualifying direct for Bishop Burton HOYS qualifier. I also received an invite from the team who qualified for Stoneleigh from our SWS Area to ask if I would jump in their team in the finals at Stoneleigh.

Coming up we have the Silver league qualifier at Howe for Bishop Burton, we have the silver league qualifier at Bishop Burton for HOYS, we have Stoneleigh for the National Championships and we have Scope Festival…lots of traveling and lots of Showjumping at some of our favourite shows.  

Lucy x

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