Rosa Onslow January Blog

Rosa Onslow January Blog

I thought it is best I introduce myself before I update you all on my last couple of months. My name is Rosa Onslow and I am an 18yr old event rider currently on the horsescotland Performance Program and in my last year at school.

My two horses this season are Henton Attorney General (Frank) owned by Lizzie Green and RLE Limbo Kaiser (Kaiser), they will both be competing at 2* and aimed for the GB young rider trials. 

December and January tends to be the not so glamorous side of eventing horses, as it is usually spent doing the fitness work after a holiday in the field since the end of October. However, it seems to be the only time where living in the middle of nowhere is a major perk! We can walk and trot around roads for miles without seeing a single car and do our canter work for miles without a gate! It is absolutely brilliant for getting horses super fit but not so brilliant when an extremely fresh horse decides cantering at a steady pace is boring and that it is much more fun to become a race horse.!

Towards the end of my Christmas holidays I also had some lessons with the amazing Ian Stark - where both boys jumped out of their skin and I got some extremely helpful tips to hopefully set me up for the season ahead.

I have mainly been focusing on jumping and dressage at home but aim to get them out to some BD and BS before the season starts.

At the moment my horses are having to have a quieter week as I am currently at school sitting my mock exams before A levels in June.

My last bit of news is that we have a new member of the team- a golden Cavapoo called 'Hippo', who is taking on the role of Lorry dog!

My other updates in between my monthly blog can be found on my twitter @rosaonslow or my Instagram @r.onslow

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