SEV Spring Vaulting Competition

SEV Spring Vaulting Competition

Wee County Vaulters

The first competition on the season was held recently at the SNEC Ecclesmachan.  Wee County Vaulters successfully participated in a variety of classes.

The first success of the day came in the Pre- novice squad class where the team of Joanne and Michelle Messner, Rebecca and Michaela Hogg, Eilidh Bennett and Jennifer Cameron took first place.  The team competed on Tylers Kernel lunged by Amanda McLachlan. In the Junior 2* squad competition, the SEVT were placed second.  The team, vaulting on Glaxtown Billy, lunged by Joanne Eccles, was made up of 6 Wee County members:- Kerri Brylka, Mitra Pezeshki, Mhairi Hume, Sally and Katie Henderson and Kyra Lennie.

Lisa Mercer was placed second in her first competition as a Senior 2* vaulter, having just moved up from the Junior Section. Lisa vaulted on Tylers Kernel lunged by Amanda McLachlan. Kerri Brylka placed 3rd in the Junior 2* section with Mitra Pezeshki 5th.  Both girls also vaulted on Tylers Kernel but this time with Hannah Eccles as lunger.

Mhairi Hume took 6th place on Captain Jack lunged by John Eccles.  In the 1* class, Kyra Lennie on Captain Jack finished in 3rd place. Katie Henderson was 2nd in the Child 2* class vaulting on Glaxtown Billy whilst in the child 1* class Sally Henderson finished in 3rd place with Ferne Smith 5th.

Having achieved a first place rosette in the Pre- Novice Squad competition, Joanne Messner went on to finish in first place in the Novice Individual competition. Joanne vaulted on Glaxtown Billy and was lunged by Hannah Eccles. She also picked up second place rosette as part of the Walk Squad A competition. Peyton Edgar participated with the Wee County Pre-Novice squad in this class.

The Walk Pairs class saw Ferne and Eilidh taking 2nd place with Rebecca Snaddon and Michelle 4th.

In the Pre- Novice Walk,Walk class Section C, Michaela Hogg took 2nd place. Jennifer Cameron placed 3rd in the Pre- Novice Canter, Walk class Section B with Rebecca Hogg placing 2nd in Section C.