January 2017

horsescotland news items from January 2017

  • Graham Babes Winter Blog

    Graham Babes Winter Blog

    Graham had some great results throughout Winter. In November he won not only the Scottish Young Riders and Scottish Gents Championships but also the World Class U23 qualifier at Olympia all on Boucher.... View details »

  • Lucinda Stewart January Blog

    Lucinda Stewart January Blog

    Hi everyone...This is my first blog as part of the horsescotland 2017/2018 Development Squad which I am delighted to have been selected for. I was on the programme when I was 13 years old for children.... View details »

  • Rosa Onslow January Blog

    Rosa Onslow January Blog

    I thought it is best I introduce myself before I update you all on my last couple of months. My name is Rosa Onslow and I am an 18yr old event rider currently on the horsescotland Performance Program .... View details »

  • Isabella MacKenzie January Blog

    Isabella MacKenzie January Blog

    Since the horsescotland induction day my horse Ala has had a holiday to rest and put on some weight while I practised walking related distances. I was delighted to find that I had been given a measuri.... View details »

  • Matilda Haley January Blog

    Matilda Haley January Blog

    Well 2017 has started with lots of training to help Gari and I move to the next level in dressage which is Advanced Medium.  I hope that with the help of horsescotland inspirational trainer Erik MacKe.... View details »