December 2016

horsescotland news items from December 2016

  • New Performance Programme Riders

    New Performance Programme Riders

    The new horsescotland Performance Squad for 2017 – 2018 can now be announced.  The eight riders selected onto the Squad, they are: Joanna Barry - Dressage    Robyn Smith - Dressage    Katherine Lin.... View details »

  • High Performing Conference

    High Performing Conference

    On Sunday 27th and Monday 28th November 2016 the horsescotland High Performing Conference was held. The event started with John van Apeldoorn and Tjalling van den Berg who took a practical approach an.... View details »

  • Addressing Safeguarding Concerns

    Addressing Safeguarding Concerns

    In light of recent media attention, we are aware that clubs and parents from across all sports may have increased anxiety about child protection. We have put together some advice for you to help ease .... View details »

  • Sport England announces funding for equestrian

    Sport England announces funding for equestrian

    The announcement of the Sport England funding to governing bodies sees equestrian awarded a total investment of £1,765,821. Through National Lottery and Government funding, the figure represents an in.... View details »

  • Facebook campaign saves Blairgowrie Group RDA

    Facebook campaign saves Blairgowrie Group RDA

    In early autumn 2016 Blairgowrie group RDA seemed to be on the brink of closure.  Various problems arose around the same time, leaving the group short of volunteers and trustees.  The group coach step.... View details »