2014/15 Projects Funded

As well as part funding the stand that horsescotland had at the Blair Castle International Horse Trials, which Member Bodies were invited to have space at, there are a number of Member Body projects that received funding.

In 2014/15: 8 Member Bodies received funding for 12 projects:

Member Body Project  horsescotland Funding
British Dressage Scotland Talent Development Programme £1,000.00
British Showjumping Scottish
Course Designers CPD Day £312.00
Scottish Endurance
Riding Club
Training Session for Riders
and Officials
British Eventing Scotland Fence Judges Training £350.00
British Show Pony Society
Training Day £80.20
British Show Pony Society
Competitive Training Day £105.80
BHS Scotland Cross Country CPD £140.00
BHS Scotland Lunging Lateal Work CPD  £435.00
Pony Club Scottish Tetrathlon
Mini Camp
British Eventing Scotland Volunteer Training Day £88.00
Pony Club Rider Development
TRSS George Tait Training