horsescotland UKCC coaching courses are now run with the aid of OneFile for candidates who wish to use it.

OneFile is eportfolio software that is endorsed by all major awarding bodies, including the SQA.

We are trying to move our courses towards being paperless, with the aim being to improve learner engagement and the learning experience.

Using OneFile will provide a new way for candidates to complete their portfolios, which includes:

  • The ability to upload photographs, video, voice recording as evidence
  • No need to handwrite everything, entries can be typed or even dictated
  • Can upload videos for mentor review
  • A much more interactive/ fun learning system
  • Ongoing support between course dates with more tutor contact
  • Assessments completed throughout the course not just at the end - you can constantly review your progress

Using OneFile will cost an additional £42 per candidate but the flexibility and potential cost savings it offers are invaluable.

Sarah Fox a current UKCC Level two candidate who is on the pilot course using OneFile says:

“The introduction of OneFile for completing my UKCC Level 2 qualification has been fantastic. Having submitted Level 1 via the old fashioned paper system, I can’t stress enough how easy and fun the new system is! It produces almost real time results, allowing submission of each stage as we cover it. Getting feedback and our work marked this quickly has been very rewarding, meaning we can work on our weaknesses prior to the next session, yet feel more confident about our strengths. We also gained much more practical support on each day, as the whole paper process was almost cut out completely. The joy is it’s flexible – if you want to be totally paperless you can be, but if you’re not comfortable doing that you can still submit written work online. The system gives a great deal more candidate support than before and is definitely the way forward for innovative learning and resources – everything is at your fingers tips, including an App if you want!”

The tutor from the pilot course, Sara Smith says:

"Onefile has allowed me to offer greater learning opportunities and practical sessions on courses and allows candidates to review tasks and complete work between course dates which I am able to check online prior to the next course, cutting down on the time tutors spend trying to sign off portfolios on courses. I was able to provide much greater and more beneficial support to the candidates out with course days, with the added bonus of the work being assessed as soon as I have signed it off. Not chasing portfolios has meant we are ahead of the game.”

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