What is horsescotland?

horsescotland is the national organisation for all equestrian sports and activity in Scotland and was founded in 1998. The vision that we share with our members is:

To enable those in our sport and sector,
by supporting their development,
to excel in what they do best…

The key outcomes for Scottish equestrianism are to:

  • increase the overall levels of participation and equestrian activity in Scotland
  • enable Scottish riders, drivers, vaulters and equines to excel on the world stage
  • support horsescotland member bodies to flourish by working collaboratively

horsescotland is a partner of sportscotland (the national sports agency) and seeks to enable equestrian sport and the equestrian sector in Scotland to develop and excel through the highest levels of participation in the sport and the highest levels of growth for the country's equestrian industry.

The strategic goals for horsescotland are as follows:

  • Member Body Development
    • Increase the level of resources, investment and support to horsescotland member bodies
  • Pathway Development
    • Develop the Player and Equine pathways to deliver more Scottish success
    • Develop and deliver a highly skilled Scottish coaching and volunteering workforce
  • Communications & Events
    • Raise the profile and recognition of the Scottish equestrian sector
  • Governance & Management
    • Strengthen our strategic, operational and financial capabilities