What horsescotland does?

All member bodies of horsescotland, with the backing of their fellow members, deal with issues vital to the progress of the Scottish equestrian world.

Key achievements include:

  • establishing a network of club competition coaches, enabling growth of participation and sporting success
  • leading the development of the UK Coaching Certificate, providing our coaches with a nationally-recognised qualification
  • increasing sportscotland funding year on year, plus capital funding of £450,000 for the construction of the Scottish National Equestrian Centre
  • riders on our performance programme representing the UK at all levels from junior to senior, including Scott Brash a former member of the performance programme becoming an Olympic Gold Medallist, London 2012 and becoming World No. 1 in 2013/14
  • production of policies for equality, disclosure, child protection and volunteers. Provision of these services to our member bodies.

To continue the growth of equestrian sports and activities horsescotland faces challenges in:

  • increasing participation
  • improving safety
  • enhancing experience
  • supporting the development of world-class facilities, riders and coaches

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