!! Please note, we are currently experiencing a few issues with our coaches register. We hope to have this resolved very soon. In the meantime, can coaches please ensure all certificates, such as First Aid, Child Protection, etc., are up-to-date and uploaded to your Member record. Thank you for your patience!!

Coaches are an essential part of the equestrian sector as good coaches help people participate more whilst developing a wide variety of skills.

Coaches not only enhance sporting experiences, but increase and sustain active lifestyles. This in turn brings enormous health and well-being benefits to the nation.

horsescotland are committed to ensuring that Coaches within the Equestrian Sector are qualified and properly insured.

horsescotland provide continuous opportunities for Coaches, including:

As well as providing all of these opportunities for coaches we also continually provide training and development to our Coaching Workforce who are responsible for upskilling Coaches.